Data Centre Solutions

Onel can help you design, create, upgrade or migrate your data centre facilities.

We have got strong technical know-how in:

Storage and data management

Data is stored for many different reasons and every business has a unique set of requirements. We will work with you to thoroughly understand your unique data storage, back up, recovery and management needs so you invest in the optimal solution.

Computer virtualisation

We can help you create the platform for hosting your on premise cloud solution. As part of this we will work with to consolidate your servers, simplify your processes and procedures so your data centre is more manageable, resilient and dynamic.


Data is one of an organisation’s most valuable asset so it’s imperative to keep it safe. We have the people to assist in determining your security needs and delivering a robust security strategy with your business in mind.

Disaster recovery and business continuity

We develop comprehensive, clear and pragmatic disaster recovery plans to ensure that your business continues to operate effectively should an incident occurs.