Cloud Services

Full end-to-end infrastructure service for the cloud

You can choose us to deliver part or all of your cloud solution.

We can help you:

determine if moving to the cloud is right for you

carefully plan and implement your transition to the cloud

streamline your current infrastructure that is using the cloud.

Cloud assessment

Our comprehensive assessment provides transparency about your IT landscape. We will help identify risks, consolidation opportunities, resource requirements, as well as what and how you can migrate to the cloud.

Cloud design and architecture

Based on your cloud assessment, we will develop designs that firmly link with your business strategies and requirements. Our architects and designers have deep knowledge and are certified in the current technology so you receive the best solution.

Cloud migration and ongoing management

Our engineers have a trusted approach and process to migrate your applications and data to the cloud that will minimise down time and risk. When migration to the cloud is complete, we will assist with putting in place the necessary process, tools and activities to monitor and manage your new environment.